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Research Group

B.Sc. and M.Sc. Students

  • Zhidong Cao (undergrad intern), now M.Sc. student at Stanford

  • Dalton Jones (undergrad advisee), now Ph.D. student at MIT

  • Mehrnaz Motamed (M.Sc. researcher), now Data Scientist at Endura Technologies

  • Prasanth Prahladan (M.Sc. advisee), now Ph.D. student at CU Boulder

  • Amol Sakhale (M.Sc. researcher), now Machine Learning Engineer at O9 Solutions 

  • So Sasaki (M.Sc. researcher), now Ph.D. student at UIUC

Interested to Join?

For students at UCSD: If you are interested in theoretical research and joining my research lab, please feel free to email me.

For prospective students: Please see the ECE Department's website for graduate applications. Unfortunately, I am not able to respond to all the receiving emails. 

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